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Outwit Me is your home for a variety of unique Twitter games that have been specially crafted with artificial intelligence. You are here to be challenged, entertained, stimulated. We are here to engage your mind and of course to outwit you. Each game is designed to be never-ending such that once a round is completed, the next one will start automatically. That means that you can always join in at any time of day. Our games feature tweeting of clues and on-line play.

Hangman Word Game at Twitter
Tweet Hangman: guess a secret word or phrase by replying with letters. In this community-based game, the letter that was picked the most times within the past 2 minutes will be revealed next. True to our never-ending principles, a new game will start soon after the first. Replies are checked every 2 minutes.

To play Tweet Hangman, simply follow [@Tweet_Hangman].

Tweet Quiz: challenges you with simple categorical questions for which multiple answers exist. You need to find as many answers that will match the predetermined, community-contribued, hidden answers each with a point value. For example, a quiz like Things associated with a Volcano might have two dozen hidden answers. Be first with any answer to get its maximum points. Points decrease for every player that matches it. Once a game starts, it will not end until 22 hours has elapsed, which allows game start times to rotate fairly across the planet. Every few minutes, a random clue will be tweeted. Slight misspellings are tolerated. Every new guess is counted and only made part of the game when enogh people have also guessed it. This makes the game dynamic and community-oriented. After you reach a certain level, you can get clues inside other people's tweets.
To play Tweet Quiz, simply follow [@Tweet_Quiz].

Make connections with words
Word Connections Game: nothing too strenuous in this word game played with tweets. Just reply with what comes to mind when you see the current word. Multiple replies are ok. You may also enter multiple words separated by commas. The word that the community picks most often will become the next word. The minimum time a word will be active is one hour. During that time, if three or more people have supplied the same word(s), then the word with the most responses will become the next active word. The same word cannot be active again for a dozen rounds. This game just goes on forever. No leaderboard, just a progress of words as they relate to each other and a list of the most common replies.
To play the Connections Game, simply follow [@ConnectionsGame] and reply to the tweets.

Mystery Word Game at Twitter
Tweet Words: guess a secret phrase whose clues are sent by tweets every few minutes. Each successive tweet reveals new letters in the mystery word. Sort of like an automated hangman. There are easy phrases and hard ones. Points are awarded on a first-guessed, decreasing value basis. True to our never-ending principles, a new game will start soon after each current game ends, so you can join in anytime. Tweets are checked every 30 seconds. If you guess correctly, you get an acknowledgement Direct Message. After each game, all oustanding tweets are deleted. Sorry we can't delete the DM's. In future we will have theme days, where all the words relate to a single topic.
To play Tweet Words, simply follow [@Tweet_Words].

Guess Word Mastermind Game at Twitter
Guess Word: guess the secret word by tweeting back your own words to get clues. A secret word is randomly selected at the start of each round. Reply to @GuessWord with a VALID ENGLISH word to get your clue, which usually comes back within 20 seconds. Everyone playing sees your clue. Be the first to guess the word from the clues. Invalid words are ignored. If you know how to play Mastermind, you will get the idea behind this game. If you like games such as Scrabble ™, Bingo and Boggle ™ then you will love Guess Word. Guess Word clues tell you what letters in your word are in the same spot as those of the mystery word. To play Guess Word, simply follow [@GuessWord] and reply with any valid English word.

Morphing Word Chains Game at Twitter
Word Morph: lets you morph words into other words to form chains. Start with an existing word, alter it into another valid word by adding, dropping or changing a single letter. For example, with MILK, change the K to L to get MILL, then add S to get MILLS, then delete M to get SILL. Each chain has a starting word and a goal. This is a non-scoring, co-operative game - help out your fellow followers! The Word Morph page allows you to start a new chain, which is tweeted to all followers. The only rules are you have to wait for someone else to change a word and you must change one letter. Of course the word must be valid. Duplicate words are not allowed. The chain ends when its target word has been reached. Chains can be in any of 12 languages (coming soon).
To play Word Morph, login at [Word Morph] and follow [@WordMorph] .

Never-ending stories at twitter
Story Teller Me: create never-ending stories and poems with your friends, one line at a time. Continue where the last person left off. The challenge is to make an interesting story with the help of others. Everyone participates in the same story, so you never know what you will end up with! The Twitter community of followers is tweeted every change from [@StoryTellerMe] so you know when it is your turn to add the next line.
To read and make stories and poems, visit

Crack the Code Game at Twitter
Crack The Code: explore words, tweets and websites that are presented as a series of clues to help you unmask a secret code. The code can be numeric, alphanumeric, a word or a phrase. Examine the periodically-tweeted clues as they reveal parts of the mystery. Be the first to reply with the correct code to get maximum points. Points decrease by half for each correct solution until a few people have cracked the code. Crack The Code takes the excitement of slots and combines it with the strategy of chess. A new game starts soon afterwards. Points are accumulated into your daily outwit me total. A prize is awarded daily.
To play Crack The Code, start by following [@CrackTheCode]. This game will start soon.

Tips: If you don't want your competitors to peek at your answers, don't tweet them back. Use the game portal (links on left) instead. But by all means tweet back if you are in a hurry or you want to be first for maximum points. Remember, if you tweet an answer within 10 seconds of your previous answer, it will be ignored (and seen by others). If you are stuck, encourage a follower to play.

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