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Competitive Game in Progress
Started Fri 05:23 am Central Std. Time
Ending approx Sat 03:23 am
159 tweet clues left.

Authorize yourself to play TweetQuiz via your Twitter account.

Tweet Quiz # 845
Something you DIG?
(At least 158 hidden answers, in alphabetical order.)

Click unsolved words for a scrambled puzzle!

????I??? ????A?? ?????A???? ?????O???? ????? H???? ?????A??? ????S??? ?????E??? ????I?? B???? ??? H??? ????????U? ???? B???? ???? ?H????? B??? B???? ???? H???? ?????T??? ????? ???? B???? B????? C???? ????O?? C??? ?????? ???? ????A?? ???????A? ???? C???? C??? C??? C???? ???? J??? ???? M???? C????? ???? ?A????? D??? D????? ????O??? D??? ????H?? ????M??? D???? ???????E ????? ????A??? ??????T???? ??????? S?????? F??? ????S??? F???? ????E?? ????? ???? ????I??? F????? ??????T???? F????? G????? G??? ?????O??? G????? G??? G??? ????I?? ????H??? G???? G????? G????? G????? G???? H??? ??????A???? I??? ?????????N ??????? J??? J??? ????? L????? ????I?? ?????T??? L??? M???? M??? ????R??? M???? ?????H???? M??? M???? M?? ?????O??? ??????L ??? N??? O?? ??? ?A??? ??? ?O??? O????? ???????E ???? ????E?? ????N??? ????U?? P??? ????L?? ???????E? ???? P??? P???? ????I??? P??? P???? ???? H??? ????T??? Q????? ?????? ?R?????? R????? R????? ????? ???? ???? ??D ???? R???? ???? ?E????? ???? ???A?????? R???? R????? ????B??? S??? S??? S???? ?????? S????? S????? S????? ?????T??? S??? S??? S???? S????? ????? ???? S????? ????? ?O?????? ????? ???? T??? ???? ?A????? ????S??? T????? T????? ????F??? T????? ??????E???? T????? ????I?? ?????????N? ????? ??????????? C??????????? ????I?? ????O?? ??????? ?????? W???? ????? ???? W???? W??? W???? W???? Y??? Y??? Z???

Help test the Daily Version of
Some days the words are taken from a previous Tweet Quiz.

96 contributed answers are pending promotion into this game.

158 1441160554 1441081536

Tweet Quiz Score Board for Quiz 845        
*NEW* Prize to Top Monthly Leader!. (Mininum of 50 regular monthly players required. Prize value increases for every 10 additional players.)

Twitter User | Score | Location | Matched | When
Crystal 156840Indiana158 (100%)Yesterday
Robin Taylor Roth156351Central New Jersey158 (100%)Yesterday
David M. Brown, MD155587Gig Harbor, WA158 (100%)21 hours ago
Steve Solloway99874Raleigh, NC101 (64%)13 hours ago
Diane51620The only place to be Texas52 (33%)3 days ago
Michelle Ash7000Northamptonshire7 (4%)4 days ago

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